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Your On-Demand PM Intern: Crafting & Enhancing PRDs with Ease

ChatPRD empowers PMs, VPs, founders, and teams to build better, faster. Then turn your PRD into an application with Semanttic!

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Go from PRD to UI with Semanttic

Transform your product requirements into a fully functional user interface in record time.

Build your application in seconds
Download the code & export to Figma
A complete product development AI toolchain
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Draft PRDs at the speed of thought

From Idea to PRD to UI in Minutes

Overcome the initial hurdle of product development with ChatPRD, your AI-powered product manager.

Automated PRD Drafting
Learns and improves with comments
Free to use!
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AI Assistance

Accelerate Your Workflow with AI

Leverage cutting-edge AI technology to streamline your product development process.

One-click suggestions
Lightning-fast responses
State-of-the-art AI technology
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